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Today, I wanted to introduce you all to a new event called Ladies of Lucid. It is a collaboration of items from all of the designers on the Lucid Sim, which would follow a particular theme. There are dollarbies and cheapies, but generally, there are no items more than 50L!

The current theme is Boudoir, and would always take place here. This collection would be available for two weeks (from Dec 3- 17th).
There are many different items available, like poses, jewelry, furniture, hair, etc. I just wanted to show off some items in this post.

Ladies of Lucid - Boudoir (full)

Ladies of Lucid - Boudoir (closer)

By the way, Sydd Sinister did an awesome job covering some of the other items that I did not cover in this post so check out her post as well!

Ladies of Lucid items:
-Hair: RezIpsa Loc (also comes in pink, and white as well)
-Ring: Ticky Tacky (one of several items from them!)
-Clock: RIPE (one of several items from them!)
-Flats: A.D.D Andel
-Screen, Lounge, and Rug: buttons.

-Skin: Dutch Touch
-Eyes: JM:Mai
-Lingerie: Kenzie&Co.

Ashe Anthony

Demina Design is having a closing sale until November 22nd, and everything is 50% off!

You can find various items such as t-shirts, sweaters, tanks and more. You can also find very cute socks, and shorts (which happen to be one of my favorites in sl) here, along with shapes that are 350L each.

Aside from the shapes, the price range is from 10L-200L (for fatpacks).
By the way, the prims for all clothing is no copy/no mod/trans so these can also be used as great gifts!

Feel free to check out the owner’s Flickr set here to see most of the great items for sale!

Demina Design

Ashe Anthony

Half Off Sale \o/
(image credit goes to Makenzie Irling)

Makenzie wants to move in RL, and needs your help so she is having a sale!
For this week only, everything is 50% off @ Barcode!
You can find most kinds of furniture, a skybox and also cute houses, and the price range is from as low as 10L(!)-600L(for furniture sets, usually).

Ashe Anthony

Halloween goodness.

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I really don’t celebrate Halloween at all, especially if it involves Halloween orange. I do make exceptions though. As you may or may not know, E! – Eclectic Appeal and Accessories! has recently released the Calypso with various colors of bras to accompany it. There is a gift version called the Halloween Calypso that comes with 5 different color bras to accompany the Calypso (skirt).

When I put that outfit on, I remembered one of the skin offerings from Mango, Mango! @ Horrorfest! I love the slightly open mouth and fangs. This skin is only 100L and comes in 4 tones in 2 packs, including the one that I am wearing! 50% of the proceeds of this skin is being donated to charity.

Mango, Mango! 100L skin + e! 1L gift

Featured items:
Skin: Mango, Mango! @ Horrorfest Bite Dark, 100L for 2 tones
Outfit: E! – Eclectic Appeal and Accessories! Halloween Calypso GIFT, 1L (buy the pumpkin in store!)

Eyes: Tres Blah Jejune Dark Brown Eyes – 100L available here
Pose: (marukin), 0L (group gift, join marukin. group and check notices; in-world group that is)

Ashe Anthony