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For today only (January 19, 2011) all skins in all tones are priced only 69L each @ Mango, Mango!

First, I wanted to show a mini sampling of the makeups available (there’s way more than shown here, and even very bold ones at that!).

Mango, Mango! 69L skin sale

(Naked, Chapped, Sterling, and Bite in Dark)

Also there’s a mini hunt around the store too. Find five mangoes around the store, which are priced to 1L each. These mangoes include tattoo makeups and a skin in pale tone (not shown). All makeups are worn with the Naked skin in Dark. I’m only showing some of them below.

Mango, Mango! 1L hunt makeups

(Insta-Vamp + Smokey Sparkle Dark, and Insta-Vamp + Rock Liner)

-Hair: Truth
-Eyes: JM:Mai
-Pose(s) used: estetica (there’s a nice pose pack of 10 poses for 69L today only, which has poses that work with long hair!)

Ashe Anthony

Last Chance @ Mango!Mango!

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Mango, Mango! has these awesome skins out for sale right now until the end of the weekend! Don’t miss out!

First is the Summer Sunset skin. It comes in three tones, Pale, Tan, and Dark. It is only 10L.

Next is the Honey Bee skin. This also comes in the three tones mentioned above. It is 69L.

Hair: I Love Olive (old subscribo gift – not sure if still available)


As previously mentioned, the Black and Blue Fair begins this Friday June 4th. While there are a lot of different excellent pieces of jewelry and clothing, there are also a good number of great skins!

I am showcasing Schismphrenic, which is offering a lovely skin with blue lips and a multitude of eyebrow and eyelash options. The skin even comes with blue finger and toe nail polish already on. All for under 100L!

The skin is 60L for each tone and includes 4 eye brow/lash options:
1. Natural (reg eyebrow)
2. Natural Dolly (reg eyebrow with exaggerated eyelashes)
3. Pinup (drawn on dramatic eyebrows)
4. Pinup Dolly (drawn on dramatic eyebrows with exaggerated eyelashes)


Bettie - Natural


Rita - Natural


Asha - Natural


Lena - Natural

While all tones come in each of the four options mentioned above, I am only showcasing the four options in the Rita tone (below).


Rita - Natural Dolly


Rita - Pinup


Rita - Pinup Dolly

Also Shown:


Plastic Flowers has again provided us with awesome skins at CHEAP prices! Her newest addition is this adorable skin called “Watermelon” available in both pale and tan. It is only 25L!! Snag it on the top floor of the shop.

I love the pink eyeshadow!!