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Grimalkin Workshop Dollarbie

Posted: December 9, 2008 by caitlainbaby in Uncategorized
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I found the cutest shop and such a cute dollarbie for you guys! To get into the holiday spirit Grimalkin Workshop has this cute holiday dining set in their shop for only 1L.

Comes with table, chairs and candle! Isn’t it cute?

=) Happy Shopping!

Photo Model: Caitlain Clowes

Posted by: Caitlain Clowes

Weekly Home Decor Deals

Posted: December 8, 2008 by caitlainbaby in Uncategorized
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Ready for some home deals? Let’s get to it….

OMG this is so pretty and I cannot believe its only 1L! Head on over to Rocco B11 for this lovely dresser with a stool, plants and a hairbrush. Ladies you will love it! Plus there are other really cute dollarbies in the store like swings and beach sets to mark their grand opening! See pic below

Prestique Furniture is a new store and they have some cute home decor items for FREE to celebrate, yay! You can get this cute welcome mat, this trinket box and a bowl of fruit. Things that will make your apt, skybox or house feel more like HOME!


You can get this funky chair with cuddles poses for 0L over @ Spikes & Petals, only 5 prim too, not bad!

and lastly a GREAT store for all your home decor / decorating needs. Enky has a Dollar$tore that has a home decor section. I know some people were looking for small touches to make their place feel like home. they have groceries, pizza boxes, sushi sets, computers, pianos, books, SO much stuff. I know you will love this shop! Its a one stop shop, trust me on this head on over there!

=) Happy Home Shopping!

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Weekly Holiday Deals

Posted: December 1, 2008 by caitlainbaby in Uncategorized
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Tired yet of holiday shopping? Well if you are still in the shopping mood read on!

You can get this really cute Christmas tree earrings for FREE over at A2NZ.

Christmas Market by MB has this adorable Christmas Cupcake Chair for free in their store. Includes two couple animations, sooo cute!

A&K Designs is having a cute holiday sale at their store. They have this lovely Christmas tree filled with gift boxes outside. Buy a gift box for 25L and find a gift card inside. Gift cards start @ 25L and go to 100L. So it will end up costing you NOTHING but you can gain lots of store credit! Yay! See pic below

Plus they have a cute kiosk set up so you can take your pic with santa, how adorable!

Buying holiday gifts and have nothing to put them in? Don’t spend 25L and up for a gift box! Head on over to Wickford Village and you can find gift boxes there for only 1L and some pretty cute ones! See pic below, thanks to Maeve Mortlock for the tip! Hugs! Take a walk around the village, lots of cute Christmas items around!

And lastly lots of stores are giving away free daily gifts till Christmas for their group members, which is ohhh so nice and sooo very generous of them!!! One of those stores is my beloved DYN which has such cool stuff! Read the sign below

=) Happy Shopping!

Photo Model: Caitlain Clowes

Posted by: Caitlain Clowes

You can find this cute texture changing rug at Honey for only 50L, which is a steal I think cause its basically like 8 rugs in one! Plus it comes with 2 holiday patterns! See pic below 

Sooden’s Sculpties has a bunch of cool home decor freebies in their store. Plus the work they do is AMAZING, sculpties take so much skill and these are just brilliant. Here are some pics of the freebies below

Little Outpost has two cute freebies in their store PLUS some very cool items. The freebies are a set of Japenese Lanterns and a Campfire set with sitting logs. You can see them both below. Personally I have purchased a really nice music box/photo album from Little Outpost for a wedding present. TP over to grab the freebies and have a look around. 

Sins & Secrets has put out a cute Naughty Girl chair in the Freebie Telegraph Lounge for only 1L. Its too cute to pass up!

=) Happy Shopping!

Posted by: Caitlain Clowes