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For a very limited time, grab some fabulous gifts and come celebrate as Cynful re-opens and brings on board Blacklace and ‘Lil Lace in their shopping district! Check out some of the him & her gifts:




They’re completely free; no group to join. BUT, they are out for only a limited time… In other words, RUN!

TP there now

—thanks ladies and congrats!!—


cynlace gifts

.<3tekila v.

If you missed the huge party earlier, don’t worry – there’s – well, there isn’t much time left!! =o  CnS e-motions and Cynful Clothing are both celebrating 4 years in Second Life. So,right  now, their local vendors are offering up 9 gifts to everyone for completely free (oL)!!! Normally I’d love to do these gifts better justice with original pics – but there’s really no time!

You can get a free skin from Belleza; mesh dresses from Hucci, Lil Lace, Cynful and Legal Insanity; Jewelry from Maxi Gossamer; Nails from Action AND a couple pose from CnS themselves.
  Congratulations goes out to the owner and creator of both CnS and Cynful, Cynthia Ultsch!

.<3tekila v.

I’ve wanted to feature Scarlet Creative’s Noelle Chalet for a while now. This lovely small house has an interesting mix of raw wood, exposed beams and glass with a modern twist and is available at a great price (50l unfurnished, 199l furnished). Beautifully furnished, the build was intended as a rustic mountain getaway and looks great surrounded by snow, but some of the design elements made me think it could also work well as a small hunting lodge, perhaps on the plains of Africa. I’ll show more of the build in a later post – if you are interested in seeing a demo though, follow the beacon from the landing point to the teleporter that takes you to Scarlet Creative’s discount area.

Some of the female clothes here are free gifts from the opening of the Zenshi Shopping district. Many of the stores there had gifts out, but they may not be available for much longer (in fact, the Faster Pussycat dress gift shown below seems to have been removed, but a different version was available for free at the time of publication). Also like every month there are some great items at Mens Dept – I particularly like gO‘s Morten pants and the unisex sweater from Sleepy Eddy – so don’t miss it (ends February 1).

Thanks as well to Ruby Vandyke of Rodeo Horse & Farm Animals for providing me with some mod versions of her rideables.



  • Complete Outfit: SF DesignCelebration Tuxedo (Group Gift, includes multiple jacket options. Attn: 100l Joiner Fee)
  • Glasses: Fashion EmergencyBlack Glasses (Thugs, Studs & Gentlemen Hunt #16 until Jan 28, MESH)
  • Skin: Belleza SK Xmas gift (Group Gift, Female Skin Gift also available. Attn: 250l Joiner Fee)
  • Shape: Novus StudiosJai 1 (Not Free)
  • Hair/Hairbase: Atro Patena – Yancy Brown (Not Free)
  • Pose: ExposeurAdvent Gift 9 (Previous Gift, now available for purchase)


  • Dress: LushLined Up (Free at Zenshi Shopping District, MESH)
  • Shoes: ZibskaRenate Heels (50l Sale Price, Texture Change)


Table d'hôte

Table d’hôte


  • Light fixture: Circa “Imbue Orb” Pendant Light Silver (New in 2013 Hunt #15 until Jan 20, gift includes multiple lamps)
  • Table, Chairs, Rezzed DecorScarlet Creative (included with Noelle Chalet)
Simple Things

Simple Things

simple girl

Out there, wild things roam…

Rains Down in Africa

Rains Down in Africa



Wild Things

Wild Things

Big Game

Big Game

Hints & Slurls for hunts mentioned in this post: Anything Goes HuntNew in 2013 Hunt

I wanted to show two of the outerwear options from the Men Only Hunt before it fades into memory. Both Men Only and Diamond is Mine hunts end this weekend (see my earlier post and the hunt blogs for previews). Now is the time to get some of the gifts you may have forgotten.

A note on Tellaq‘s Ronny skin in the second picture: Tellaq doesn’t do MMs all that often and when they do the boards lock extremely quickly. Check the store early SL time if you want to slap the board to get this great skin for free.

Last Call

  • CoatLotus Noir –Duffle Green  (Men Only Hunt #68 until Dec. 17, also includes shirt & jeans)
  • ShirtDucknipple – Peno Yellow Longsleeve (Men Only Hunt #5 until Dec. 17, includes a 2nd shirt)
  • Pants: Dragonlady’s Closet – DC Hunter Pants (Mr. Hunter #39 until Dec. 31, also includes shirt & tank top)
  • ShoesTainted Designs –  Heavy boots (MENstuff #101 until Dec. 25, includes complete outfit)
  • Necklace: Collisions – Christmas Wish Necklace (100l during Twisted Krissmuss until Jan. 6)
  • Hair: Colors – Free C Jet Black (Free, includes color fatpack)
  • SkinBelleza – MOH skin (Men Only Hunt #2 until Dec. 17)
  • Shape: Sweet Sin – Shape 34  (Men Only Hunt #59 until Dec. 17)
  • Pose (left)Aushka & Co – Ania Pose 08 (not currently available)
  • Pose (right): PDA – Doledrum (50l for 6 poses in FLF)

I got MOjo

Official Hints & SLURLS for hunts mentioned in this post:  Diamond is Mine Hunt 3 —  Men Only Hunt — MENstuff 3 — Mr. Hunter

Belleza has an awesome group gift available right now. It is a preview of a new skin release called Erika. The gift includes 6 skin tones from pale to deep tan.

Check the notices and join the group if you haven’t yet (250L join fee, but TOTALLY worth it).


Also Shown:
Hair: Posh


Belleza released a group gift for the guys on 10/8/10. This is a sneak peek of their new men’s lines, Shawn and Owen. The cost to join the group is 250L but it’s worth it to score these awesome new skins!

All skins have a hair base and there are 5 different tones.


Shawn (Tan)


Owen (Tan)



Dress: Latest Wetherby’s group freebie (free to join)
Hair: Truth *Edie* (not free)
Skin: Belleza (see prior post)
Shape: Camryn’s Shapes (see prior post)