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Kusshon‘s It’s a Man’s World Screen, available at Mens Dept through today (after in store), makes a nice vintage decor item and was fun to use as a backdrop for some retro style photos. My friend Sidney Bluestar of Sup Poses got inspired and made some pin-up type poses to go with the screen, now available for sale in her store with a prop of her design.

Lots of events ending today or this weekend (Tekila pointed out some below) such as Mens Dept, The Arcade, Skin Fair, Whore Couture and various hunts. For the women, note the excellent shape from PixyStix, which is a hunt gift available through today.  Also go visit new hair store Due, where you will find a fatpack of the mesh “Lily” hair completely free.

Pinup Dreams

Pinup Dreams


The Pinup featuring Astrid

  • Shorts: GOLAService Hatch Shorts M large hips (Depraved Depot Gift, MESH)
  • Top: Blah – My Petit Amour Lingerie/ Special Bra Jacket (Free on marketplace Update 4/12: Now removed from MP)
  • Shoes: M StyleKAI Slings Valentines (Not Free)
  • Pose: Sup PosesWant This (New Release, includes screen pose prop & 6 poses)
Tahiti Tempo

Tahiti Tempo

Divorce Bait

Divorce Bait

A Vision

A Vision

Two Tone

Two Tone


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My last post on Four Walls concentrated on some of the rustic items, the grungy even. This time I wanted to feature the more modern gifts – those with clean lines and often modular in concept. Pieces such as Scarlet Creative‘s shelving units (the gift includes numerous versions that you can mix and match) or Breno‘s reading nook (part of a future modular series), work perfectly in Circa‘s “Infinity Cloud” Glass Studio from the hunt, which has cubed rooms off a main living space,  skylights with metallic highlights and panoramic glass windows (Mesh, 29 land impact). Four Walls goes to the end of the month and previews can be seen on the hunt website.

I’m wearing Diego, the new Mesh head from CheerNo, which is on sale at TDR Fusion until Feb 1. In a sense, with these mesh add-ons, be they heads, breasts, hands, feet or other appendages, the avi itself becomes modular, a base to which components can be added or subtracted at will depending on needs. CheerNo’s head is interesting and can give a very realistic effect, but the lack of facial expressions can be a drawback. Some new releases shown below include Mens Dept items, a great shirt from HuHu (available with texture change hud) and an outfit from Apple May Designs, which is marking the opening of its new mens store with everything 50% off just this weekend (the AMD hoodie shown below is available in a different color free in store). Update: was free just for the weekend.




  • Couch, Ottoman: MM. Home – Mid Century Sofa v2.0 Velvet, Ottoman (20l, Four Walls Hunt until Jan 31, MESH, Texture Change)
  • Art: BrenoCheckmate (50l)
  • Scrabble Game: Cleo DesignScrabble (20l, Four Walls Hunt until Jan 31. Gift includes complete furniture set)
Big Chair

Big Chair



Cube Forrest

Cube Forest




  • Cubed Walls: Lucky #7Cubed Wall Pearl (99l at The Gallery Gift Shop until Feb 15, Mesh, includes multiple versions)
  • Wall Art: Hanaya – Pine in Winter (20l, Four Walls Hunt until Jan 31, MESH)



  • Cabinet, canvases, painter supplies: End of DazeEOD Shelf (20l, Four Walls Hunt until Jan 31, MESH)
  • LampVespertineI live on the moon lamp (10l, Cold Winter Nights Hunt #17 until Feb 15. Gift also includes a skybox)
  • Brillo Boxes: LND Creative CollectiveWarhol Brillo Box x 4 (50l)
Infinity Cloud

Infinity Cloud


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A little bit of green in the month of March is always a good thing. Living where I do in the middle of a big city, nature is not always easy to find, but sometimes nature has a way of finding you, as shown by the two beasts keeping me company for this post.

The build here is a hunt gift from dirty.little.secret– it is fully furnished and includes lots of decor & an upper level not shown in the post. I also want to thank Draven Schapire of Bad Cat Alley, who lent me Oliver, his furry pride and joy. Check out his store if you are in the market for feline accompaniment.

Paris, March 2012

Brothers in Arms


  • Shirt & JeansLash-Ware – Military J, Denim BC (Mean Green Hunt #39 until Mar 31)
  • Skin: Heartsick – Ritsu (Group Gift, includes multiple tones & shapes. Female skin gift also available. Attn: 10l joiner fee)
  • Shape: Filthy – March GG Shape (Group Gift available until Mar 31, also includes skin. Attn: 199l joiner fee)
  • Hair: Alli & Ali – Wayne Hair Dark Honey (Group Gift)
  • Pose: Stakey – Quiet Confidence 06 (Not Free)


  • Shirt: JStyle – Polo Negro Jimenastyle 1 (Group Gift)
  • PantsCaledesi Island Company – Pocket O’Luck (Depraved Spring Madness #104 until April 15, Unisex & also includes T-Shirt)
  • ShoesDemotik– Twisted Loafer (Twisted Hunt Arcane #79 until Mar 31, also includes belt & jewelery)
  • Pose: Stakey – Chill 01 (Free for a limited time, includes 6 poses)

Toe Dip

L'Après-Midi d'un Faune

  • Shirt & shortsLash-Ware –Military Rolled, Denim Shorts HIS (Depraved Spring Madness #55 until April 15, also includes female gift)
  • Hat: Kamrek Creations – Depraved Hat (Depraved Spring Madness #121 until April 15, also includes jeans)
  • Chaise: Kucinta – Romantic Chaise (Mean Green Hunt #6 until Mar 31, also includes lamp)
  • Pose: Frozen Panty Poses – Editorial Male 7 (9l)

Green Cat & Black Beer

  • Console: %Percent – Record Player (Music is Life Hunt #35 until Apr 1)
  • Beer: Mike’s Studio – Pint O’Guiness (Free on Marketplace)


  • Build: Dirty.Little.Secret – Paris Loft Skybox (The Fresh Unknown Hunt #25 until Mar 31. Update: will be available for sale at 25l after the hunt)
  • Cat: Bad Cat Alley – Oliver (Priceless)

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Apple May Designs (AMD) has a new gift in their lucky chair. This skin shows off that rough night you had that was either really good or realllly bad.


This lovely ethereal lavender top is from The Dressing Room and is offered by Fishy Strawberry for only 69L!


Also Shown:
Hair: – Tatum
Pose: Glitterati