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LaLa FooFoo HATE Valentine Tank

Posted: February 1, 2009 by Terry Toland in top, women
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I’ve had a very long day. I’ve done a lot of work, including the post I did earlier on the Virginia gown and jewelry, and I’m ready to crawl in and call it a night.

So, here’s my final plug for a bit: LaLa Foo has a new freebie tank-top out, the HATE Valentines’s Day Beater. For L$0, you get multiple layers of the hot-pink goodie. Yay for skulls. It also comes with signs.

Quick post while I can – Addison Mortlock dropped a whole bunch of goodies from her shop A-BOMB. Working with Lavea Alter, they’ve worked to create an explosive combination of treats for residents, the first being a dollarbie anti-Valentine tee. This comes on a light-cerulean base with sweetly macabre bunny in multiple layers for men and women. I’ve paired it with the Ruin Skirt Blood from Dark Eden, which can be snagged for free with 45 minutes of camping at the main store. The Eartha stiletto – Brown Cow heels I’m wearing are also from A-BOMB, currently set at L$25 along with 5 other prints, but only until this Sunday when they go back up to L$100.

The second outfit I’m wearing in a combination of A-BOMB’s new ‘A Girl Like You’ sweater sweater and the dust pants from the PixelDolls Cimarron set. The top and its pink counterpart will be only L$10 each until Sunday, when they, too, will be raised up to their regular price of L$100. Better dive in while you can!

Hair: Amy Jane – Brownie from TRUTH (L$1)
Skin: Peach – Flourish v2 (Large Lips) from {Frick} (L$0)

More pictures from A-BOMB: