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Get your L$50 Black Friday shopping started now!

Magika has two gorgeous hairs for sale! Right outside of the main door.
Note: Skin (Daria) is a gift from Beauty Avatar

Elate has a cute party dress and mistletoe with poses!


Camryn Fouroux

50 Linden Friday

Posted: August 21, 2009 by shaniasingh in Uncategorized
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better go to the bank before you start your tour lol

1 stop is This is Fawn

2 is Miel

3 stop on your way to shopping paradise is Penny Dreadful Arcade here you can get 4 boxes stuffed with poses – each box is 50 Linden!

Boxstop number 4 is Pig

No 5 is Clawtoootthhhh —- oh Lillith (my best friend) will be in heaven !

Stop No. 6 is Deco

no pic possible as this was a plain black box — but it has got jewellery inside if that helps you in any way earings and necklace black onyx (nice stuff in the store)

No 7 is Hoot

Store No. 8 is Fifth & Oxford

Next in the row is no 9 Tiny Bird

And the last one to go to is Turquoise Unicorn Studios

posted by Shania Singh