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Bare Rose, or B@R, has some Christmas goodies out for completely free with no group required:

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TP to B@R

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Formal gowns and a tuxedo at Avilion Grove

Posted: May 19, 2008 by freebietelegraph in Avilion, Curio Obscura, gown, tophat, tuxedo

There is a box of three formal gowns (in baby blue, black, and white) and one with a black and white tuxedo at Avilion Grove outside right in front of the ballroom.

We are wearing:

Photomodel: Loris Talon
tuxedo from Avilion Grove (free)
hat: Free Top Hat from Curio Obscura (free)

Photomodel: Salaamata Afarensis
baby blue gown from Avilion Grove (free)
skin: Robin’s Egg from Fabulously Free in SL (earlier group gift)
jewelry: Lassitude & Ennui Signature silver (free at The Free Dove)

Picture Taken at: Castle Kuula