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Today is the last day for a ton of hunts including Twisted, although some or many of the gifts may still be around this weekend. Twisted is a brutal hunt, of course, with no hints and thousands of decoys that could easily take an entire month to do. But if you have an hour or two free, here are a few standouts that you may have missed.

  • Pants: Elixir – Solstice Pants (Twisted #168, gift includes female version)
  • Shoes: b[elle]issima – Militia Boots (Twisted #39, gift includes complete kilt & skin + a gift for women)
  • Necklace & Black Bracelets: Crank Design – Rosekranz… Armbands (On the Hunt #82 available until Oct. 20, gift includes complete outfit + outfit for women)
  • Bracelet (Skulls)Ear Candy – Men’s Skull Cuff (Twisted #180, also includes male necklace + earrings/necklace for women)
  • Hair: Sadistic Hacker – Kai Hair Black (not free)
  • Skin: Re.Birth- Unseelie Kobold Male ( Twisted #22 , four gifts at this location includes multiple male & female skins/shapes)
  • Shape: The Attic – Unseelie Male Shape (Twisted #101, gift also includes skin + female skin & shape)
  • Pose: Dare – Black  Cross (no longer available) 

  • Complete Outfit: kisetsu – Karasu Tengu (Twisted Hunt #188, separate women’s gift and other kimono gifts as part of in-store hunt)   
  • Hair: Babel – Good Morning Hair (1l on marketplace)
  • Shape: Yourigami – YG Kurt Shape (Just For Fun Hunt #83, gift also includes a female shape)
  • Skin: B[elle]issima – Galen Skin Unseelie (Twisted #39, gift includes outfit + a gift for women)
  • PoseSadistic Hacker – Katana Pose 2 (Group Gift)
  • Sword: Katana Sword (Free)

Prize camping at Licolico Mall

Posted: March 5, 2009 by Ilyeria Jewell in kimono, women

Head on down to Licolico Mall and camp for various lengths of time for these wonderful Japanese/ doll/ goth style dresses.




You can find the prize camping along the outer edges of the mall. They aren’t like ordinary prize camps where u can pick which item you want to camp for- the displayed prize changes every few minutes or so. However, there are usually different prizes on each chair, just fly/ walk around til you see the item you want to camp for.

Also here, along the walls are lots and lots of different fun things, some are free, some are cheapies, but others are full price items, so beware and check all prices before you buy anything. I found this wonderful AFK speach bubble for free.


Iky x

Post by:Ilyeria Jewell

Cute and Classy Kimono Dresses at Miyabi

Posted: May 18, 2008 by freebietelegraph in Arvel Ellils, gown, kimono, Miyabi

I found these three cute floor-length kimono dress freebies at Miyabi while wandering around near a previous post there. Have a look at the other beautiful dresses in the shop, too. They’re all lovely. 😀

We are wearing, left to right:

Photomodel: Abracapocus Merryman:
Omodaka kimono dress from Miyabi (free)
Skin: Indigo, in Cinnamon from Chai Skins (group gift)
Earrings & Necklace: Casual Pears Jewelry – black, from Miriel (free)

Photomodel: Salaamata Afarensis:
Aoi kimono dress from Miyabi (free)
Hair: Mouth – Dark Chocolate from Bryce Designs (free)
Earrings: Hearts and Ring earrings from Periquita Shoes (group gift)
Necklace: Heart Pink necklace from Lana Nichols Designs (free)

Photomodel: Sandplum Denja:
Sasarindo kimono dress from Miyabi (free)

Picture taken at Kuan Yin Terraces – Buddhist Temple