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Left: Black dress + stockings – American Bazaar – hunt prize – #121 DKH 3
Middle: Pink sweater – Lazy Artists – Special Valentine offer – 10 L
Skirt – *Fishy Strawberry* – NOT FREE!
Stockings – Xaida skins – 1 L
Right: Top – American Bazaar – Midnight Mania prize
Skirt – JANE – FREE

Left outfit: *IW* Inga Wind Clothing – hunt prize – *IW* Valentine hunt
Right outfit: *IW* Inga Wind Clothing – hunt prize – VVVH #15

The bubble fairy has had a rough day, and she’s hoping she can spend the rest of her evening quietly working in her secluded waterfall cave. You can read her soapbox here. However, you an get her Glass Bubbles outfit, including the wand (and a hat, not shown), for L$1 over at Lemania Indigo Designs. It will permanently disappear at 8:00am SLT tomorrow, though, so best catch it before it pops.

Sorrow’s Heart Necklace from Chloe [new free/dollarbie]
Hair previously blogged
Wings from Seven’s Selections, not free

~ Terry Toland

“…and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

Thank you very much, Blackfyr McBride of Burren-Built Designs Colorskins, for not only allowing me to see these beautiful skins and to show them to others, but for offering them in the upcoming Peace on Earth gridwide hunt. The ivory white really reminds the wearer of the purity of true peace and how we should keep it in mind this season, if not the whole year. The skins have multiple make-up options, all come with the gorgeous dove tattoo on the back, and come in male and female versions.

Hunt begins tomorrow, December 2nd. Check out the PoE blog for more information. And you better all be nice. 😉

ETERNITY SILKS -INNOCENCE  made by Singsong Writer

A fairy of indigo and blue whispered into my ear, twinkling of a surprise in the Angelheart. As her message fluttered in my ear, I found in my hands a brilliantly wrapped gift made of silk and gold. I began to speak words of thanks, but she pressed on: this present of INNOCENCE was to be shared with all, but only for a limited time.


With the task at hand, I flew down to the forest and capture the natural radiance of the garb in the soft moonlight. I love how the jewels of the headdress rest just slightly down below my brown, tickling the tips of my eyelashes. The light color compliments the airy texture, while the intricate floral pieces tie together the soft feel of it all.


The Singsong dreamer left no part of the silks unattended, placing jewels in the back of the headdress, as well, while drapes of fabric sweep down gently from the shoulders.


In a Rosy Mood, adorned myself with a Holiday Mistletoe, while my eyes shown large with gold. I pulled my hair back into the style of Lily, hailing from the Isle of ETD.

*Thank you, Indigoblue and Singsong for asking me to blog about this great new item! I really needed a touch of fantasy! :D*

Silks: ETERNITY SILKS -INNOCENCE made by Singsong Writer (L$1)
Hair: ETD Lily – Black (L$1)
Skin: ROSY MOOD Holiday skin Mistletoe (L$0)
Eyes: (Miriel) Anime Eyes – Gold (L$0)
Location: Chakryn, an endangered OpenSpace sim

Oh, if the pictures ever disappear, it’s because is being evil. Just poke me, and I’ll fix it. 😛

Polished Sapphire Necklace Raw Sapphire Necklace - Blue
Raw Sapphire Necklace - Pink Raw Sapphire Necklace - Purple

While bouncing around sims, I wandered upon these for gems. All four of the necklaces are absolutely free and are located up on-top a large treasure-chest like display in Sapphire Moon. If you get the opportunity, the area and nearby sim, Sapphire Central, is truly breath-taking.

Eyes: Spiral Cyan by [][]Trap[][] (group gift- search past notices, and it might still be in there; otherwise, it is on sale for L$75)
Hair: #@%! – Light Teal by ::::: MAGIKA ::::: (Former freebie, now part of L$199 color pack)
Skin: Female china white – glossy viridian by Nomine (L$200)
Top: Fishnet Longsleeve (of The Fishnet Collection V 2.0) by Sn@tch (Former freebie, now L$175)

Deviance group gift and wings

Posted: November 8, 2008 by Goti Soderstrom in costume, fairy, fantasy, gown
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It’s so great logging on in the morning and finding such nice gifts 🙂 ~ * ~ Deviance ~ * ~ has just released a gorgeous fairy gown and the owner has kindly sent her favourite shade, peach, to all the subscribers. The gown comes with sculpted ruffles for the bodice, two styles of sculpted/flexi sleeves, a flexi skirt with ruffle detailing along the top, wings, and a cute little wreath to wear on your head.


Sadly, I think that you won’t be able to check the history in the subscribe-o-matic and I’m not sure if there is a way to get the item once it has been sent. But anyway, you should go there to join to be able to get future gifts, check all the amazing costumes at the shop, and also to grab the great wings you can find on the desk for 0L.


Post by Goti Soderstrom
Photomodel Goti Soderstrom

“D’Fly” DragonFly FairyFae Pumps

Posted: October 11, 2008 by skavita in fairy, halloween, women
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This is something for bizzar things lovers, nice and diffrent halloween dollarbie from XCENTRICITY. The good news is that you can transfer this gift to your friends. The shop is situated in Port Babbage. Have a walk and explore steampunk sims. 🙂

Posted by Ska Vita