Deep in the forest…

Posted: October 13, 2013 by Tekila Vella in Gift, hair, limited, skin, women
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Somehow I got separated from the group… it’s kind of cold out here…. /me takes a deep breath… thank goodness the moon is full and bright tonight..

Halloweeeeen Gifts Freebies

My avatar is lost in a forest, but along the way she’s found gifts to share with you!

Heels – These fabulous Halloween heels are from Aly’s Shop. They’re a group gift to those of SL Frees & Offers. It’s free to join! You can find other group gifts, as well. Aly’s is free to join and free to hit up their MM and LL boards!

Skin – Laura Dark Natural, 35L skin at WoW Skins, where for 24 hrs there are specially marked skins for only 35L!

Hair – Olivia by Castellian, 1L in-store, comes in all natural shades.

Mesh dress plus skeleton hands – 2:00 PM Halloween event dress in ivory, not free

Happy Shopping!

.<3tekila v.

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