RIP Donna Flora <3

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Donna Flora,  r.i.p.

Squinternet Larnia…. I first met her years ago… I just happened to be sim hopping and I literally ran into her small boutique, at the time. I looked around, saw the vast array of unique products and thought…”Wow, this person really has some talent.” I was a videographer for awhile and thought, why not blog fashion before blogging fashion was a real huge thing as it is today…. So I messaged the owner and asked if she wouldn’t mind that I feature her on my blog? She said okay. I said do you have a bloggers pack? She was confused… She had never been blogged before. I felt happy. I thought, here’s all this talent, and no one is up her butt asking to blog it? She laughed kindly…and kind she was the entire time. I may not have known her personally, but it says a lot about someone who trusts enough that you’ll do good by them and their work.

To today’s time….there was an event held recently. I wondered, what for? She was dying. I thought, okay she can beat whatever comes her way, let me show her my support by buying something from the event. So, I did.

Tonight. I find out. Squinternet Larnia has passed… I want to say her work will live on forever; because she was, in fact, one of the best jewelry makers/vintage creators on the grid. But, moreso, I want to say why her?

I want to say, you didn’t fight this battle alone; you were always with us Squint. And I hope you have found peace. I will miss you. I will forever cherish that time we had. And I know others will do the same. ❤

  1. Genna says:

    I am so sorry to hear that she passed away.