Feeling like a Zombie Spider

Posted: October 20, 2011 by shaniasingh in Uncategorized

Being attracted by the call for an MM board pretty close to log for animations I visitited Shutter today.

And i found some more goodies to be placed out there — the spider net is a Halloween Pose Prop and you can get it free if you find the codeword on Shutters Facebook Page — and i might TREAT you with a hint 🙂 — so simply click the Facebook prim in the mainstore and type the codeword in local chat …. AND afterwards you can feel like a spider yourself.

The outfit worn in this picture is a Freebie from HoodGirlz. There are some more groupgifts on the table which you might also consider to take (group is free to join)!

The Skin is one of my favourite Halloween Skins i got this year .. it is the Zombie Popcorn Hunt Gift from Filthy!


Shutter also has a cute, little FREE dressing Room Skybox out in the shop .. see some pics here below.

I am also showing off the Season Hunt price from ADDICT — the Raia Skin

As I have gotten lazy in the past — or well as I don´t have a lot of time recently .. I have become a huge fan of the Crank Design Full Outfits. So today I am showing off the latest Release from Crank Design – which is not free — but hey with one single click you are perfect to go whereever your SL Live takes you to. You will get the entire outfit including shoes, jewelery, glasses and a body tat — oh and I nearly forgot the piercing.



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