Boosting up for Halloween

Posted: October 4, 2011 by shaniasingh in Gift, gown, limited, skin, unisex, women
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If you wanna be well prepared for the upcoming Halloween Parties you should make your way to Death Row Designs and slap their MM boards. It is 3 of them … and so far they have locked the last days!

First board contains the pounding open heart (pic 1) – which includes an animated and a non animated version of the heart!

Second board contains the Death Alice Outfit complete with Boots (pic 2)

And the third board is for the boots only (they will also fit male avatars!)

Next MUST STOP is definitely hO wEAr ! You can pick up 2 complete outfits including skin and eyes for all your Halloween needs! (I changed the skin on the second picture to bring out more details)

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