Do You Feel Lucky?

Posted: August 16, 2011 by Sandras Diavolo in skin, women
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My boyfriend does not feel lucky, my poor darling is sick, so i’m here close to the bed, running to the kitchen once in a while, keeping him company, taking care of him. And lucky you,  i got a bit bored, now that he fell asleep, and decided to come explore SL.

So, talking about being lucky…

At .::Y&R::.___penny&bear you will find four lucky boards with nice blouses (you will need to join the group to gain access, it is free)

I felt lucky when i got in NoT BUTTON’S skins  and got this Group gifts skins (join the group is free)

But then i found these skins for sale for 0L, i don’t know till when this will endure so go grab them soon (take a good look at the names, it will help you find them)



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