Beach Bound, Baby!

Posted: August 5, 2011 by Tekila Vella in Gift, hair, limited, skin, Uncategorized, women
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Alb Dream Fashion has set their LAMU group enrollment cost to *0L* from now until August 25th, then after that it will cost $250L to join. So, if you wear your tag you can get this month’s group gift in-store for $1L (last month’s gift is still out, too! woohoo!). I am wearing the swimsuit piece and the sandals out of this month’s entire gift set, which is called, JoJo:

Group Gift 10L Skin

A big thanks goes out to our very own Ravi Shelter *yay!* who informed me of lots of great 10L skins at Devine Perfection. I’m wearing one that has yet to be released called, Gloria. Definitely worth a visit! The hair I’m wearing is “Turkish” by Loq Hair, currently out at The Dressing Room Blue for a limited time. It comes in 4 basic colors and is $70L. The earrings are by 3636 and are not free.

!.tekila v.!

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