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Posted: July 24, 2011 by Tekila Vella in Gift, limited, women
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So many hunts…so little time, right? I feel the same way – however! From my observations, the prizes seem so worth it! Swayland is having a hunt where you have to find watermelon slices, some are empty and some have passwords to unlock the prizes. I got this hula outfit, kitchen set & random food items from that hunt:
Hunt SOM Gifts

TP to Swayland

Who is that with me in that pic on the right & what is she wearing you ask? =oD Why…that’s Laluna Carissa! And she was patient and sweet enough to model the latest Subcribe-O-Matic gift from Mons (her dress). Take a closer look:
LaLuna in Mons SOMGift

(Click the Subscribe board and click History)

TP to Mons

~Tekila V.

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