Who said chubby aren’t sexy?

Posted: July 19, 2011 by Sandras Diavolo in Gift, gown, lucky chair, skin, women

After visiting Karen’s store External Appearence for the free shape, i got impressed with her nice low budget shapes that i decided to get one of the plus size.

Got so happy with my new shape that i decided to look for classic things to use with it. So the skin and clothes hunt started. And this was the result:

Hairs: Hairfair goodies (not available anymore)

Skins: all four are from .:Censored:. lucky boards

Dresses: all four nice classic pretty chic gifts from Paris Metro (join group for free and get extra gift the first dress, all others are spread inside the store)

But i wasn’t satisfied, i wanted to prove that “us” chubbies are sexy too so i went to AlterEgo , slapped that MidnightMania board and got me some nice clothes for night clubing. Here is an example (soon i’ll show you all the goodies i got from there too)

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