An itty bitty tiny treasure hunt…

Posted: December 17, 2010 by shaniasingh in hunt, limited, women

omg these giftboxes are TINY. Gosh what I am telling you — they are worse then just TINY.

But surely worth searching for them.

Mary Jane Heels is currently hosting a hunt for great shoes. – Inside each present is a new shoe or boot in Red worth L$695!  Find all 12 and you have nearly L$8400 worth of shoes!  The hunt starts now and runs through Christmas!

  1. Delia says:

    Well I wouldn’t like to come across as ungrateful or something, yet this is the way I will come across, I guess

    Luckily, these shoes are a gift. Otherwise, if I paid around 700 ld for any of them, I’d be pulling my hair out

    For starters, and regarding the hunt, the 12 pairs are hidden in NANOPRIMS! Oh please, give me a break! …If the store owner doesn’t want people to find them, how about NOT making the hunt? I have only found 5. And because someone else told me where they were… some degree of difficulty to find items in a hunt is expected, of course…but this is way too much, really

    Then, about the shoes. The HUD is offset. Meaning that only half of it shows in the screen, making it extremely difficult to see and use. To the point that I had to attach it to my mouth, to at least see it complete. Then, regarding the adjusting of the shoes, via HUD, the size doesn’t fit well, no matter how many times I tried it, and same goes for the skin tone…I finally I gave up and deleted the shoes. Which it’s a shame, because they are indeed beautiful. But IMO, the hunt and then the adjusting of the shoes are a way to much trouble. No worth, really.

    Finally, and regarding the store; onto the stage, there’s 3 pose stands. TRANSPARENT pose stands. Impossible to see them, unless someone tells you and you click on “Highlight transparent”…come on!! Invisible pose stands! WHAT for?