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Posted: June 23, 2010 by Ilyeria Jewell in hunt, limited, skin, women

Oh haiii!

Sorry I havent posted much recently, I’ve been very busy with rl, working stupid nights uggg, so not had much time for sl. Anyways, thought I’d show you some pics of the really fun things you can get on the Geekgasm hunt.

First off are these cute Star Trek tees from thick:


And a cute skin from Bomb in two tones:


Cute tee from OoEas, awesomesauce plaid shorts from Coolbeans and glasses from Tasty.


Tees from Posh:


Geektastic Skin & Shape from Mynerva:


Awesome Tetris inspired dress and mouthie from Relentless Cotoure:


Go get your geek on and do this hunt already, and don’t forget to hit the many midnight manias along the way 🙂

Starting locations is here

And it ends on July 1st, I believe ;p

I haven’t provided the individual store slurls, cus this IS a hunt, but there is a group to help ya out if ya get stuck 🙂

Happy Hunting,

Love Ily xx

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