I feel I need to spread the wonder ….

Posted: January 15, 2010 by shaniasingh in unisex
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the last days me blogging has been rarely – I know – and I do apologize!

I moved into a new sim and was busy building and creating my little wonderland….

and now that I am ready I feel I have to show you …. cause I have hidden some GREAT bargains in there…. items are not FREE — BUT SO WORTH EVERY LINDEN AND MAYBE EVEN MORE!!!

I am so amazed from the work put into these items — and the quality that turned out that I nearly bought the entire store… and the items I don´t have so far are definitly on my WISH LIST!

But see yourself … these pics will show you more then words!

The fountain comes with a menue driven pose menue for MULTIPLE AVATARS… so invite your friends and have a little chat with them!

The tree shown below is equipped with the same menue and also offers the possibility to use it with multiple avatars at once! — The tree itself is available in either this red version or a goldish colour.

Ah well I guess you need a better picture of that to see the entire beauty of it … so I am gone link in the xstreet picture!

As a special BARGAIN you can currently score this amazing — mmmmhh how to call that — MUST HAVE!

It is 10 Linden only as a promo SALE available on xstreet and of course inworld!

This items is equipped with the same menue as above items and is also for multiple avatars!

(first pic is a close up of me sitting in the grass)

All items can be found on xstreet or inworld —- I strongly recommend that you go and have a look at the inworld store — it is so LOVELY! You can wander along grass hills and try all items before you buy!

And to get even more wonder in all this (which is close to impossible in my opinion) ALL these items are so LOW PRIMMED! For example the grass is 1 prim each!!!! And comes in various sizes and shapes, so it is easy to cover the whole land (as I did) using up only 10 prims!

And now — as spring is so near …. make sure to get your Garden ready — or for all of those that are about to plan a wedding… these items make a wonderful wedding scenery as well…

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    Lovely !!!!!!