Sale event, hunt gifts and uhhh play time

Posted: December 17, 2009 by shaniasingh in hunt, pose
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Play time —- means posing for me and take snapshots… love to mess around with them ..

So here is a small view of with what I played around a bit..

Behaviour Body is the Pose shop at Baiastice…. and the owner Antosperandeo Allen told me about a ongoing sale at his shop. All “older” poses are currently on sale.  The old poses are now at a special price of 10 linden for a pack of 12 poses, there are 5 packs at this price of pre-retired poses only for this month.

Also there is a pose prop out as a gift there .. this prop comes with 15 build in poses that are menue driven

The boots worn on these pictures are DUH! ´s hunt gift for the Curse O De black Pearls hunt and there is a male and a female version in the hunt gift!

The Outfit worn is Ilaya´s Hump Day release and is still out for sale at 69L only, the box comes with 2 skirt options and all layers. This dress is available in 3 colours!

posted by Shania Singh

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