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Ok, so you’ve downloaded emerald and there’s these great options, but what do you do with them and how do you find them? I’ll try to break this up in parts so you can go directly to what you want (jiggly boobs anyone) and so you can explore each part. This is a very simple walk through. If you need more help, feel free to IM me and if I can, I will. If you don’t see it listed here, there either wasn’t anything new in that tab or it’s been implemented since I made this.

First we’re going to start with the big stuff. Go to Edit, then Preferences.

Input & Camera

The only additions here are the Camera Transition Time and Camera Smoothing. This was originally in the SL viewer and it was removed. Emerald shows it. These are pretty self-explanatory.


Under network it is suggested you change the location of your cache file because Emerald shares the SL cache. If you have trouble with inventory loss, this may help it. Just name the new folder EmeraldCache or something and set it to work out of that folder. Be sure to hit apply. This is a change that will not take effect until after the restart. There’s also a Clear Inventory Cache button in addition to the standard Clear Cache. You must be logged in to use the Clear Inventory Cache.

Voice Chat

I wouldn’t mess with this too much if you don’t know what you’re doing. The only thing I want to draw attention to here is if you are having voice issues in world that usually require you to restart your viewer, then you can use the Reset Voice button instead. This will reset your voice without having to do the restart.


This is solely a visual thing. How you like the viewer to appear. You’ll have to restart the viewer to see any changes. Hit Apply and go to the tab marked:


Here’s where all the fun stuff is, broke down into tabs.  I do not know everything you can do under Emerald, but this is a great start.

  • TP/Login

A great Emerald feature is Double Click to Teleport. By checking that box you can double-click an area and be tp’d to it. If there is a set landing point this won’t work, but if there isn’t, it’s a great thing for a laggy sim.

You also have your Double click Autopilot. Yes it does exactly how it sounds LOL However, enabling this will disable your double-click to teleport. Many of this is self-explanatory, but nice to know it’s there.

You can turn off your teleport sound effect and Disable Teleport/Login/Logout screens (great if a tp may take a long time, you can continue chatting with your friends).

You’ll see 3 choices that have to do with Client Tags. If you’ve been standing in a group of people since you turned on Emerald  you will notice some folks may have (Emerald) beside their name. These are people using the Emerald client. Download new Client Tags simply automatically allows you to download any identification for additional viewers that have been added. Display Client tags, when checked, will display the client of the user. If you uncheck this you will no longer see the (Emerald) tag. Color name Tags based on Client changes a person’s tag to a color associated with a certain viewer. Emerald’s are generally green.  You can turn these on and off in whatever options you fancy.

You can also change the login pre-caching delay. This is how long your viewer waits before it starts loading things. DO NOT set this to 0.0 or you will have issues. You can set it low to improve your loading time (NOT 0.0) or higher to slow your loading time. Slower is good for loading missing inventory or if you have a slow connection.

Hit Apply if you’ve made changes and let’s move to:

  • Voice

Unless you know what you’re doing, don’t touch this. Just….don’t.

  • Shields

Clothing Layer Protection should be checked. This protects what you’re wearing from being copied by other viewers. This causes no problems, you’ll never notice it’s running. It will NOT keep people from inspecting you or allow you to steal from others.

Dialog Anti-Spam and Calling Card Anti-Spam are automatically checked. Some clients will spam you with dialog and/or a slew of Calling Cards and will cause a crash. This keeps them from doing that. Do not play with Count or Time unless you know what you are doing.

Revoke Permissions is an anti-griefing tool.  From the Emerald Website “If you are targeted by an object after sitting on it, sometimes standing up from it will not remove it’s permissions, and it can easily attach to you over and over again. This function prevents this by revoke all permissions from an object, preventing it from attacking again.”

These are a matter of privacy. Show Load URL dialogs can enable pop ups directing you to a webpage. No check mark means you have disabled it. Unchecking Disallow LLMapDestination keeps scripts from finding you on the map. Checking Broadcast Viewer Effects affect whether your selection beam and camera focus point are sent to the server, which can keep other viewers from seeing them (if unchecked).

  • IM

I get such a kick out of this first one. Announce incoming instant messages opens an IM as soon as a friend starts typing it. So you get an IM that says “You feel a disturbance in the force….” and that just amuses me.  You can also check “Steal focus” which immediately activates the new chat window. So if you are in a private IM with Jane and Lisa IM’s you, your IM from Lisa will be the one you’re typing in. I like this feature, but be careful…it can be embarrassing….

Another great feature is the auto respond. YOu can set it to autorespond to friends, non friends, muted people. You can set it to send as soon as they start typing, not to show the IM, or autorespond to every message. You can even specify messages for a specific person or at a specific time.  You can even send an item as an autoresponse.

On the right you see some things about OTR. OTR is short for Off The Record. This encrypts your conversations to keep others from intercepting them. You choose to require OTR for all IM’s, only if it’s available, accept other’s Requests for OTR, or decline it entirely. This has sparked some debate on whether LL will continue to allow this. Apparently they don’t like not being able to read our conversations…or something. OTR has been a bit glitchy and their working on it. If it’s giving you troubles in IM’s decline it. You may have to restart. Quite frankly until it’s fixed, I suggest you just Decline it.

I LOVE Vertical IM tabs. If you look, at your preferences box you’ll see all the main tabs lined up from top to bottom on the left. Checking this box will make your chat box look like that. If you get a lot of IMs, this makes it easier to see them and I just like the over all look of it more.

Hit apply and on to

  • Chat

The first 4 Display are all about your radar. You no longer have to wear a radar, now you can just use the Emerald embedded one (Don’t worry, I’ll tell you where to find that later).  These are all what will appear on your chat (if you check it) if you have your radar open.

You can also turn off your typing sound, show your money changes in local chat (if you receive, give, or spend money and that lets you know if it completed a transaction which is so helpful), add seconds to your timestamps in logs or chat history and disable your group chats. Very useful stuff in here.

Hit Apply and to the tab of

  • Misc.

This has various little things. Enable Always Fly can be turned on so you can fly even in sims that don’t allow fly. I try to be respectful and not fly there, but if I get stuck, I will fly out. Enable Ctrl Alt P to become visually phantom is another anti-griefing tool as is Enable Ctrl Alt S to ground sit anywhere. Phantom makes you visually ghost-like. People can see you but they can walk through you, and objects will not hit you. I’ve personally tested this and the only reason I was orbitted is because I thought he stopped and turned it off. Turns out he wasn’t done “helping” yet lol

You can block sitting on things with your left click so that you don’t accidentally sit on things that allow you to sit. Show agent name for LookAt beacons just puts the avatar name with their camera beacon. A LookAt beacon is where an avatar is looking. I usually keep mine disabled because I actually heard some girl complaining about people looking at her. I don’t want to hear whining just because I like someone’s shoes. The ESC key to reset camera position is great. So if you cam off and need to get your camera back just hit that ESC key. Now, I have to hit the ESC key 3 times for that to work. A friend of mine only has to hit hers once..try both.

The rest of those are self-explanatory, except for Enable Restrained Life features. Steph helps us out here since I’m not familiar with it’s use:  “One has to be wearing an item (such as a collar) that is capable of doing such things, just having it enabled doesn’t allow one av to control another. Plus, the one being controlled has to give the controller “permission” (i.e. set them as the owner on their collar etc)” Thank you Steph!

The Enable LSL-Client Bridge..if you didn’t enable it on your first start-up then you should now. I believe you need that working for your radar to work. That includes the Radar use bridge. However, if you want to turn off True online status in profiles, that’s ok. I don’t know what Use MoveToTarget TP is, however its natural state is off for me.

Hit Apply and on to

  • CmdLine

When you check Enable usage of chat bar as a command line it enables you to type some commands directly into your chat bar instead of having to click a button.  So if you want to teleport within the sim you’re in and you know the coordinates you can type gtp 5, 134, 23 and get teleported to it. You can teleport to the ground, home, to a particular sim, camera position, or to an avatar. You can use this to rez a platform, change your draw distance (though there’s an easier way I’ll show you later) and turn off the client ao (we’ll cover this later as well).

Hit Apply and on to another fun tab

  • Avatar

My feet sink into the floor everywhere I go..what do I do? You do what I did and see that box in the upper left of that tab that says X Modifier etc? The Z modifier can be changed to raise you up. I did by .2000 and now my feet don’t sink. X and Y also move you in their respective directions.  The Agent Updates per second is how often the viewer sends updates about your avatar to the server. You can raise it to send updates more often and that will make your movement smoother..HOWEVER, if you raise it too high you could lag out the server and your viewer. If you have a slow connection lowering it might help. Though I wouldn’t do 0….

How do some people have those special particle beams? Here you go! You can choose between several colors on the left, create a new color scheme, and set how many updates you want the beam to do per second. If you uncheck the box below it, others won’t be able to see your beam. On the right you can use any of several preset beam shapes, or you can create your own and change the scale. I’ve found this useful when trying to show friends somethings and they can easily follow my beam because I arrogantly made it in a J shape LOL

Hit Apply when you’re done playing and go to the next tab

  • Build

This will allow you to set one type of shape to rez, allow it to rez with a certain item in it, with a certain texture and a certain color.  Builders will find this very useful. Also, if you ALWAYS rez a cube with your logo and landmark to drop your clothes into, then this will shorten that lol

If you look up above the TP/Login tab you may have noticed there’s a page 2, click on that and on to the next.

  • Inventory Tab

This is probably the most misunderstood part of Emerald. So for those of you who aren’t designers the simple part: No you cannot use this backup tool to save things you’ve bought. So the idea that someone can use it to rip off things they’ve bought is not going to happen.

For those who build or design: This thing will save your builds, multiple objects/all at once/in the same position and rotation/ and in their attachment points.

You can save your build to your hard drive to back it up, import it on your building alt (you know the one you get away from everyone on?), or import it to another grid. When you rez it or wear it, it will appear just the same as when you picked it up.  Textures will NOT upload properly, only the build itself. You will have to import your own textures if using a grid other than Second Life. Notice I said your own. If you are using someone else’s textures then read their Terms of Use and if this is not addressed then ask them.

This only works on items that are full permission and is only intended for your own objects. The Emerald team is not down with content theft.

Ok, if I wanted to really be a tease I’d move on to other things but since I’m a sweet person let’s move on to

  • Effects
  • AKA Jiggly Boobs

This is the most popular feature LOL Thank goodness it’s easy. Just check “Enable enhanced physics on avatar breasts”. If you’re a man you must have this on to see them. Unless you have man boobs yours won’t jiggle. If you’re female, you might want to play with the settings for a realistic jiggle. Otherwise you might look like your boobs are always in a slow motion run or oddly flat.

I do not know what the two check boxes on the bottom of that box do. I have clicked them, I have not noticed Shiny or Shadowed breasts, maybe they are still working on it.

If you have holes where your breasts should be try:
Open your “Advanced” menu and select “Debug Settings” (CTRL ALT SHIFT S). Type “RenderFarClip” in the text box and memorize the value. Set the value to 0 for a few seconds, then put it back to the old number. The chest holes should be gone now.

  • Emerald Menu

Hit Apply and close your preferences box. We’re moving on to other things. At the top of your screen next to Help you’ll notice a new button “Emerald” This can quickly turn on Phantom and Ground sit for immediate use. You can turn on double-click to teleport or auto pilot. You can turn on particle chat, radar chat, and you can turn on the Advanced menu without having to hit a series of buttons. If you changed your LookAt beacons and never saw what they did, try turning on the LookAt beacons here. However, at the bottom, are my most used buttons. Animation List shows what animations are working on you, where they come from and allows you to turn them off individually. You can even open the profile of the owner of the animation.  Sometimes you’ll see animations that have a “?”..those are default animations.

The Avatar List is the radar. You can also find a Radar button beside your Communicate button. The radar is a client side radar with huge amounts of functionality. You can IM avatars from this, kick them from your land, ban, send them home, mute them. This thing is a landowner’s best friend IMO and very flexible. You will notice beside an avatars name various information. There are some symbols. The blue question mark button is usually only seen before it’s gathering info about an avatar. A piece of paper with a little gear means it’s getting info. The little card looking thing means payment info is on file. Little dollar bills mean payment info has been used, and the red diamond means they are using particles.

Teleport History is another great addition. This tracks everywhere you’ve been since you logged in and you can use that list to tp back to a place. I’m alway forgetting where I’ve been or to get a landmark and this thing is really useful. BUT, if you log off or crash that information is lost. This covers both places you teleported into and the places you’ve teleported out of.

The Asset Browser allows you to see your textures in  your inventory as thumbnails. The Area Search allows you to search for objects based on any number of options. Great for finding lost objects you sunk into ground or shot across the sim.

And finally, the client side AO. Less laggy than an attachment, frees up an attachment point and easy to change.

* Detach any AO you are currently wearing, or it will interfere.
* Place all of the animations from the AO into a folder in your inventory.
* Place the ZHAO II notecard for the AO in the SAME folder.
* Expand the client AO window, then drag the notecard onto the indicated spot on the AO window
* Press the “Reload” button

If you use six AO’s, do that with all six and just change out the notecards when you want to change AO’s. Want to delete an animation or add? Take out or add the animation itself in the folder and change the notecard in the folder and switch in the changed notecard. You will need to hit the Reload button to see the changes.

  • Friends List

Now…open up your friends list and you’ll see two extra buttons. Want to back up your friends list? Export it. Want to bring in a backup? Import it.

Open an IM. Now you can Teleport your friend without opening their profile. It’s right beside their profile button.

Close your Friends list


Down at the bottom right of your screen you can see your Talk button for voice. Look just right of that and  you’ll see an arrow. Click that arrow. You should now see a convenient place to quickly change your Draw Distance, Bandwith, Particles, Max Avatars, and Max Node. At the bottom of this box is a drop down box that says Default. Click it and OMG look at the lighting settings. Tons. Now, for the record, instead of using a face light you can scroll down to Optimal Skin 1 and Optimal Skin 2…those make skins look great and serve great to replace face lights. If you change that to say Optimal Skin 2, you’ll have to change it every time you log in. But, it only takes a second and makes my av look sooo purty.

So, if you see something you can add to, or something you can add, just send me a notecard (because my IMs always cap), and I’ll be happy to add it and credit you.  If you need some extra help, give me a yell or send me a notecard with your question and I’ll do what I can to help.
Thanks Shania for giving me a great place to post this tutorial!

Jalestra Calamari

  1. Mimika Oh says:

    Just so you know, if you turn off your LookAt beacon it means your avatar will always seem to be staring straight ahead into space to other people. (It might look fine to you.) The LookAt is how the viewer knows to animate the head and eyes. You might want it on if you want to look alive.

  2. Jalestra says:

    I’ll admit, if it does I’ve never noticed it on myself or others. Our AO’s have control of our bodies. I guess that would matter more if your AO doesn’t cover your head…

  3. Rhi Ohmai says:

    Holy crap is this useful. I can’t say how much I appreciate this! 😀

  4. Shay says:

    I hate that the Area Search doesn’t work with the latest Emerald viewer 😦

  5. Ashe Anthony says:

    Wow, you rock and roll Jalestra!
    I have tried other viewers which I liked but all of them had the same problem in the end.
    Tonight, I finally decided to give into the Emerald craze.
    I was lost, and I was just checking the blog as I usually do, and bam!
    I see your post.

    Thank you very much^^

  6. Steph says:

    Just an FYI with regards to the restrained life features

    “That is so avatars can allow a Master or Owner to control their avatar. I have not used it, however, it is my understanding that anyone can control your avatar”

    One has to be wearing an item (such as a collar) that is capable of doing such things, just having it enabled doesn’t allow one av to control another. Plus, the one being controlled has to give the controller “permission” (i.e. set them as the owner on their collar etc) 🙂

  7. Hi!! I read your Tutorial & now I loooooove Emerald!! But could somebody please tell me where can I down THIS one from? =)

    Thank youuuuuuu!

  8. Jalestra says:

    Maretch, you download it here: http://modularsystems.sl/downloads.html
    If you get the optimized version and have trouble, try just using the Normal version.

  9. Jad says:

    Thank you for such an informative blog, I have an issue that others might have and do not remember how I started it.
    Somewhere i read how to enable “clear cache on startup” which I did , now i find thats not such a good thing, so i want to stop it but don’t remember how i did it in the first place, seems it was in the Debug Menu but i cant find anything in there under “cache or startup” Can you help me out please, Thanks Jad

  10. Jad says:

    Thank you so much Jalestra, that was exactly what i needed, your tops, smiles………..Jad