The First Shoe Expo post

Posted: November 23, 2009 by shaniasingh in Uncategorized
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hey girls this is the first Shoe Expo Post…. the place is still quiet laggy — but you will have enough time to go there and have a look round .. cause the event runs until 06th December!

First Post is dedicated to Sentou Yousei (battle fairy) unfortunately you can not TP directly to the store.. but you can get a Hud with the store locations directly where you land!


Unfortunately these are not free 😦

posted by Shania Singh

  1. Mileena says:

    I dont even see these boots or the store in the HUD? Can you help?

  2. Cathy Beningborough says:

    As you come in there is a frozen lake in front of you and across it is a building with 2 bands on it, right on the lake.

    Now go behind that building into the box building with red band.

    and these shoes that were blogged aren’t free, a little thing that wasn’t mentioned in the post but I’m sure will have you all flocking like mad to this location.