Ooh a new A Piece of Candy group gift

Posted: November 1, 2009 by A in Uncategorized
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Good evening, I didn’t mean for this post to be so late!
A Piece of Candy has sent out a new gift(dated Nov 1) to the members of the subscribo group.
This has to be my favorite gift from them in a while.
You have three options for skirts.
A Piece of Candy Nov 1 gift 1
A Piece of Candy Nov 1 gift 2

-Hair: Vignette, 0L
-Poses used: TorridWear 0L
-Skin: CUPCAKES* Seduction Kona in Choco, 50L (this is another one of the makeups set to 50L until the end of November 1st)
-Eyes: PixelDolls, not free

Ashe Anthony

  1. I agree, best giftie in a long time. Now that I didn’t appreciate the last two or three and can’t really balk since they send gifts out so frequently but the colors of the past few have made me cringe. This, however, is beautiful. P.S Go grab the latest Twisted and Spoiled group gift if you haven’t (if you aren’t a group member shame on you hehe) it’s adorable! If you want to see it before going over there you can peep my blog.

  2. Ashe Anthony says:

    I totally agree.