A little bit of (free) edge

Posted: September 20, 2009 by A in Uncategorized
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I was thinking of how to make this post in my 4 hour nap(LOL!) and I think it came together well.
Everything used in this post is free by the way, with the exception of the poses used (I think I found them from a hunt, I can’t recall sorry).

Just check out the back of this jacket!!!

And finally, a pose for you all to see everything properly lol.

-Skin: ROCKBERRY Megan Natural C, lucky chair prize
-Hair: Search for the group Candy Mountain in world, and check notices
-Jacket, Jeans, and Gloves: Lunas boutique, group gifts, check notices
-Eyes: Artilleri subscribo gift, look in history, comes in 9 colors
-Shape: Vive9, freebie on the counter
-Boots: Edge Grafica, previous camping prize, not available

Ashe Anthony

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