Double Gumdrop Delight at Lemania Indigo Designs!

Posted: February 28, 2009 by Terry Toland in fantasy, Gift, gown, limited, women
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It’s that time of the month: for some of us gals, it’s “Nature’s Gift”; for for guys and gals, it’s month end at work; for another bunch of us, it’s the end of a month of lurv. No matter what it is, we could use a little simple sweetness. I’m personally trying not to get split ends over manners, so the dollarbie release today from Lemania Indigo Designs is a welcome treat. The Pink Candy Gumdrop dress will tickle your sugary senses, especially if your bounce around you house listening to Bow Wow Wow’s I Want Candy. As always, this sweetie will only be available until 8:00am SLT tomorrow when it will be taken off the shelves and retired. (But hopefully, Lemania makes some more gummy-gown goodness!)

Members of the SL Divine Divas group will be delighted to know that this Saturday that they’re in for two doses of cute with the new gift, Double Date. Both of these mid-length ensembles come with matching shoes, though you can swap sets to have the colors play off of each other.

I’m wearing the Juliette – Bleached Rose hair form Calico Ingmann Creations, which is part of the Greatest Love Gridwide Hunt. Today is the last day of the hunt, and then all of the boxed hearts poof! I am also wearing a dollarbie by Imagen (Lia – Este – Valentina) which will be retired at the end of this weekend. It comes in 3 other shades, so you’ll find one you can pucker up with.

~ Terry Toland

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