Green Sleeves and Barbie Things @ Lemania Indigo Designs

Posted: February 21, 2009 by Terry Toland in Gift, gown, hair, limited, women
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Green leaves, Green Sleeves, it’s all the same to Miss Fantasy Me. Of course, you can view this beautiful peridot gown in your own light if you swing by Lemania Ingidio Designs today. It’s another in the series of retiring items, so it will be available for 24 hours through breakfast, lunch and the midnight snack. The Green Sleeves gown also comes with it’s own set of pumps. I’ve thrown on the Juliette – Golden hairstyle from the Calico Ingmann Creations Greatest Love Hunt giftbox, which comes as a fatpack with the Romeo style for men that I blogged previously.

In both pictures, I’m wearing the Erin Light – Barbie Girl skin from La Sylphide (which is/was in the store’s lucky chair) and {Frick}‘s Hot pink nails (cheapie) as they goes well with Lemania’s current Barbie theme very well. Here, I’m modeling the Party Girl Barbie, the new group gift for SL Divine Divas. While it also comes with it’s own pair of pumps, I pulled on the Gucci Style Pink Leather Stilletos from Vinyl Cafe Fashions, which will only be free for a limited time. Finally, my Alora – Dirty Blonde hair is a group gift for Calico Creations (join the group, activate the tag, go to the store and click on the panel; there’s also an option for men) and my Anime (Teal Starlight) eyes are another cheapie from {Frick}. After finishing cleaning the kitchen, I can finally go out for a night on the town…! Or just go to bed. Haven’t decided. 😛

~ Terry Toland, Food Lover and Proud

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