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Posted: February 21, 2009 by Terry Toland in Gift, gown, hair, hunt, limited, men, skin, women
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I’m going to try to keep this short and sweet because I’m only functioning on maybe… a quarter of a brain. Crimson Shadow Rezzable is holding a Blood Hunt this weekend, where you can find 11 shopping bags of accessories for free. They included (but are not limited to) shoes, belts and the Golden Thorn jewelry set you see above. The dress is the Victoria Gown from .:T2T:., which can be found among the gifty tables at Glitterati. The CHERYL Skin 01 I’m wearing is another goodie there by ARSNOVA, which also comes with a male skin. (Smoochies to Ashia for posting them about them at F*S.) I’ve topped it all off with a regular favorite of mine, the Black Serafina hair by Bishwear, which can be found at Savoir Hair for L$0.

Ravenwear is retiring a ton of the store’s massive inventory, and while I’m not exactly sure if prices are marked down, there is a ton of alternative outfits for men, women and non-specific avatars at reasonable prices available. I picked up the Star Struck fat pack, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while, and picked out the red top and cyan bottoms to set off the new Heart Container : Red and Teal dollarbie jewelry set from {Violet Voltaire}. After finding it wasn’t stuck in the last party’s pinata, Violet decided to put it out by the new subscriber-thingy. If you’re persistent, you can also go to her partner Lala’s shop, Fat Candy, and beat the heck out of the pinata to win a Lollipop Guild Hair bow in Rainbow. Just touch the vase of sticks to get a free whacker, go into mouse-look, and click. As always, be courteous and communicate with one another if there’s a group of you. The hair is the Rome style in Blood, part of the male fatpack gift in Calico Ingmann Creations‘ Greatest Love Hunt giftbox. My belt is from the Blood Hunt mentioned earlier in the post. The shoes are the new Argyle Dollie Pumps from *Dilly Dolls*, which you can win in the Midnight Mania (it only holds up to 200 people, so be on your toes about it!), and finally, my Lien – CRUSH’D skin is by PIDIDDLE, and is exclusive dollarbie/freebie to Crush Row.

~ The tired Terry Toland

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