PREFABRICA Free Full Permissions Sculpted Hearts And Gift Boxes

Posted: February 11, 2009 by feodoraumarov in Uncategorized
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Now, this is cool ! Full perms sculpty gift boxes and hearts from PREFABRICA. The sculptmaps are included !!!!

By purchasing prefabricates from PREFABRICA you are agreeing to the follwing terms of use:

– You may NOT resell the prims, sculptmaps or textures with full permissions
– You may NOT give either of the above mentioned as a free gift without setting the correct (non-fullperm) permissions on all the items.
– You must NOT share these textures with anyone outside SL including but not restricted to websites, other virtual worlds or for resale or free distribution in or out of Second Life.
– You CAN use the prefabricates in your builds and sell them, again, after modifying the permissions not to be mod/copy/trans.
– You CAN download the textures or the sculpts to your PC and modify them, however selling of these modified versions is NOT ALLOWED with full permissions.

Basically: you can use our products in your builds which you sell, but you cannot resell them as they are and you cannot distribute them with full permissions.

Posted by Feodora Umarov

  1. Echelon Alcott says:

    Thanks for the great tip on these freebies, Feo! You are THE BEST. 🙂