New Freebies & Dollarbies @ Dynamic Recluse

Posted: January 15, 2009 by Terry Toland in ao, costume, fantasy, gown, hair, men, pants, skin, unisex, women

Some of you may already have stumbled upon what I’ve put up in my re-designed sky-entrance to my sim. I didn’t officially announce anything because I wanted to do everything in one big post and moved on to my next project. Now that everything is put together, I can finally present it to all of you:

The first two images feature my newest additions to my roleplay starter kits, Carolyn and Sullivan of Exurarus. They are complete avatar sets, including two shapes (one fantasy dwarf and one short-stature human), clothes, accessories, skin, hair (in three different textures), eyes, and AO. I’ve also included information on where to find free animations that best suit larger figures in the Carolyn set. Sullivan features my first attempt at facial hair, as well. I’m really proud of the goatee and Carolyn’s jewelry.

I also finally put proper vendor images on the merfolk avatars, Betty and Ray. These, along with my fae and dark elf sets are completely free and come with just about everything you need to feel like you can jump into a fantasy storyline.

This second item is the demo/dollarbie to my new set of Magic Bows. I really feel like I have a store now, rather than just a pile of vendors; it’s still a bit messy, but opposite of the Crux information and freebies, you’ll find a wall with about 14 different textures and 3 different options of boys – one for the feminine types, one for the masculine, and one for those that want both. There is a notecard giver in the middle of the display with more information if you find yourself confused. The Zarconia Magic vendor contains the cravat and simple bow chest-attachment for ‘Mas’ and crown-bow and hair-bow for ‘Fem’, and it can be found in the center section of the Gem display (I’ve differentiated it by making the sides ultra-glow and putting a little silver star on the box).

All of this and more can be found in world at my shop, Dynamic Recluse and the entrance to Crux: Roleplay and Recreation! The kits can also be found at my Xstreet Sl merchant page or my OnRez storefront. I’ll get the bows up eventually. ^^;

Small note: Don’t talk about who you prefer as a writer on the blog. It’s tacky. We work as a team. Such comments will make all of us want to stop blogging. And FYI, I made these items, so I should get my chance to speak about them.

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