To Fly Away – Winter Magic Exclusive Freebie from *TSM*

Posted: January 8, 2009 by Terry Toland in fantasy, limited, unisex
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I hate being rude and stand-offish, I really do. If we want to consider it a fault, I blame it on my mother. But lately I’ve had a number of new users be very… well, pushy. I appreciate that drive to find someone to connect and interact with (SecondLife really is a social networking program, not a ‘game’), but use some common sense. For starters, this is not a game – you cannot farm for gold and I’m not an NPC. Real life manners and feelings still apply, so remember them, alright?

The whole hiding under a rock method isn’t working, so I’m going to try flying away. These SUPER CELESTIAL(STATIC WING) by *THE STRINGER MAUSOLEUM* (an exclusive freebie to the Winter Magic at the Black Swan event) should do nicely. If you’d like to own a pair yourself, be sure to drop in by January 9th, this Friday. The last runway show featuring all of the works inspired by the season and sim will be held that day at 7PM SLT/PST, and after that, the wings and the rest will fade away.

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